Isabel Bilstein

Prior to co-founding Donanto, Isabel has worked for a vegan cosmetics brand and led global monetization projects for world-leading life science companies.

Worst recent climate sin: Getting a dog

Isabel is also: Glue character. Star chef. Dog lover.

Email me: Isabel at

Frank Bilstein

Prior to co-founding Donanto, Frank has done more than 200 consulting projects focusing on monetization and sales for many global or European market leaders in all major markets.

Worst recent climate sin: Getting a dog

Frank is also: Family man. Dog lover. Gamer.

Email me: Frank at

Timo Müller

Prior to supporting Donanto, Timo worked as a manager for an industry-leading tech company, after having consulted various clients on commercial excellence.

Worst recent climate sin: Still not driving an electric car (car swap in the making, though)

Timo is also: Nature and sports lover.

Email me: Timo at

Carsten Rietmann

Prior to supporting Donanto, Carsten worked as a management consultant – mainly in energy and transportation. In parallel, he is now pursuing his PhD in geography.

Worst recent climate sin: Flying to (admittedly fantastic) Southern Africa

Carsten is also: Loving hikes. Constantly reading.

Email me: Carsten at

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