Climate Crisis

Can we nudge us out of the climate crisis? — watch the TEDx talk:


Check out the science behind this TEDx talk:

Section of the talk:Source / media coverage / peer-reviewed research:
1.Have one fewer childWynes, Seth, and Kimberly A. Nicholas. “The climate mitigation gap: education and government recommendations miss the most effective individual actions.” Environmental Research Letters 12.7 (2017): 074024.
2.We have no clue which personal actions matter most against CO2Selected media coverage
Article in F.A.Z.
Interview in Der Spiegel
Infograph in Handelsblatt

A 2022 study in 14 countries confirms that people have no clue which personal actions matter most against CO2:
Stiftung Warentest
3.Americans completely miss the CO2 impact of flying less, and the French misjudge the impact of eating less meatArticle on LinkedIn
4.Over the course of ten years, an average German eats 117 chicken, 4.5 pigs, and half a cow
5.We massively under-estimate our meat consumption:Article in Der Spiegel
Article on LinkedIn
6.For people like us, the four biggest personal levers to fight climate change are: Fly less, energy-efficient heating, green electricity, and eat less meatCO2 calculator of the German Environment Agency
7.Experts have no clue on which nudges perform bestMilkman, Katherine L., et al. “Megastudies improve the impact of applied behavioural science.” Nature 600.7889 (2021): 478-483.
8.More information does not seem to helpKlein, Nadav, and Ed O’Brien. “People use less information than they think to make up their minds.” Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 115.52 (2018): 13222-13227.
9.The effect of a single behavioral intervention is small
(avg. probability of benefit between 6.6% and 14.4%, based on 83 behavioral interventions in randomized controlled trials)
Nisa, Claudia F., et al. “Meta-analysis of randomised controlled trials testing behavioural interventions to promote household action on climate change.” Nature communications 10.1 (2019): 1-13.
van der Linden, Sander, and Matthew H. Goldberg. “Alternative meta-analysis of behavioral interventions to promote action on climate change yields different conclusions.” Nature Communications 11.1 (2020): 1-2.
10.Nudges that directly steer our behavior are 3x more effective than cognitive nudgesCadario, Romain, and Pierre Chandon. “Which healthy eating nudges work best? A meta-analysis of field experiments.” Marketing Science 39.3 (2020): 465-486.
11.People that are concerned about climate change are roughly 50% of the populationYale Program on Climate Change Communication
12.The peer influence of seeing other PV installation is measurableBollinger, Bryan, et al. “Visibility and peer influence in durable good adoption.” Marketing Science (2022).

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